I’m An Idiot Who Doesn’t Do Details

I’m An Idiot Who Doesn’t Do Details


Yesterday, I wrote a post about Vikings in the Mississippi River. I got the link from a reader, and in my word-addled haze of revising, I didn’t even check the source or determine whether it was legitimate. I just wrote a story and hit ‘Schedule’ because I was fried.

The Viking article came from an Israeli version of The Onion. Only it isn’t called The Onion.

If you read The Onion, like I…

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Did the Vikings Walk the Natchez Trace?

Did the Vikings Walk the Natchez Trace?

asheville church

I’ve used my research about Meriwether Lewis as a springboard to study theories about how people populated North and South America. Scholars propose and debate theories from the outlandish to the plausible.

I enjoy them all.

I’ve written about the Welsh prince Madoc and the theory that his clan crossed the Atlantic in the 1100s and founded the Mandan tribe in South Dakota. Nobody’s ever found a…

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Guardians of the Neighborhood

Guardians of the Neighborhood

A window into my hermit-like existence.

guardians of the galaxy

Most days, I walk a circuit from my rental on Mississippi Road. Down to Virginia. Past Billy Graham’s house. To the stone Montreat gate. Up Kanahwa. Jog a block across Mecklenburg to Mississippi. (The picture is of the STOP sign at that intersection.)

From there, I turn left into a vertigo-inducing climb. To the end of Westminster and back. To the end of…

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I Just Can’t Come

I Just Can’t Come

natchez trace foot

Do you ever procrastinate the end of something, because you know you’re going to cry? Okay, I’m not asking you male readers, because you won’t admit it, even if you shed a tear or two.

Anybody? Does the prospect of extreme emotion make you put something off? Delay finishing?

I’d love to hear your experiences, because I might not feel like a weirdo.

Every time I finish a draft, it’s like a little…

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Happy Birthday, Meriwether Lewis!

Happy Birthday, Meriwether Lewis!

meriwether lewis

August 18 is Meriwether Lewis‘ birthday!!!

It’s the first year I’ve celebrated.

No. Really.

MTM put together really cool postcards with Lewis’ face on them. We planned to send them out to almost five hundred people.

Including most of you.

A more personal way to remember someone who lived life like a sparkler.

Only, I’ve been buried in a rewrite, and MTM has been obliterated by work. Between the…

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Fate’s Fickle Fingering

Fate’s Fickle Fingering

mississippi rd

I think I told you I’m in the North Carolina mountains. For three weeks, I’m holing up in a house on Mississippi Road. Writing a book set mostly in Mississippi. And eating food that’s reminiscent of my Mississippi walk, because let’s face it: I. Don’t. Cook.

Today, I revised a section of the story.

And I cried.

And I sobbed.

And I heaved.

With all the depressing happenings in the news, I wonder…

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We Interrupt This Lewis and Clark Program

We Interrupt This Lewis and Clark Program

hydrangea montreat

We interrupt this Meriwether Lewis Birthday Month Program for some official business.

Because I’m all about business.

(Especially the kind Lewis and Clark documented on their expedition……)


Yesterday, my post did not go out by email to any subscriber. It was not shared with any linked social media outlet.

A couple of you have let me know that you are no longer getting my posts via email,…

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Is Suicide The Final Arbiter of a Life? For Robin Williams. And Meriwether Lewis.

Is Suicide The Final Arbiter of a Life? For Robin Williams. And Meriwether Lewis.

hydrangea montreat

Robin Williams died yesterday.

Of an apparent suicide.

My Facebook feed exploded in a ‘don’t judge’ Robin Williams binge-fest.

And I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

Few people realize how hard it is to be consistently good, how exhausting it is to feed a gaping maw of an internet that can never be satisfied, how impossible it is to please people who always pass flippant judgment on every little…

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If You Use Facebook on Your Phone, PLEASE READ THIS

If You Use Facebook on Your Phone, PLEASE READ THIS

facebook dislike

It’s no secret that I deplore Facebook. I use it because I must. Therefore, I am diligent in trying to understand how Facebook works. As a result, I deleted the Facebook mobile app from my iPhone more than a year ago.

If you are still using the Facebook mobile app on your smartphone or other mobile device, you really, REALLY need to read this article by Nick Russo. Drop EVERYTHING you’re doing…

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My Natchez Trace Walk Featured in We Proceeded On

My Natchez Trace Walk Featured in We Proceeded On

Did I mention I love getting mail? I came home from a weekend trip with a mailbox full of cards from Dear Readers, and I’ve read each one several times. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I will respond directly.

Because I’m vain, I also like to get OTHER mail: The kind with surprise articles showcasing my 444-mile walk of the Natchez Trace.

we proceeded on one

During Meriwether Lewis’ Birthday Month, I’m tickled to…

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