Making Love to Yankees

Making Love to Yankees

book club!

In case you’re wondering why I haven’t posted, I’ve been making love to Yankees.

Nine times in four days, the people of the great state of Massachusetts welcomed me into their homes. Their communities. Their groups. And their shops. I wore myself out spewing my Southern drawl, but they never told me to shut up or asked me to talk normal. :)

Thanks to Lisa Kramerfor hosting me for three nights,…

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#ToLiveForeverbook visits Amherst, MA. Emily Dickinson was cool.

#ToLiveForeverbook appearance. Concord, MA. Got to visit the North Bridge, site of the Shot Heard Round the World.

#ToLiveForeverbook appearances. Massachusetts. Most of them, anyway.

Celebrate International Literacy Day

Celebrate International Literacy Day


September 8 is International Literacy Day. Why do we need International Literacy Day? Can’t most everybody read?

According to UNESCO, 781 million adults and 126 million children worldwide cannot read. More than 60% of the world’s illiterate population are women.

UNESCO views literacy as a fundamental human right. As a Rotarian, I donate $2 from every book sold at Rotary events to Rotary Literacy…

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I’m A Faded Musical Star

I’m A Faded Musical Star


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I starred in a play. A musical called “South Pacific.” Perhaps you’ve tried to Wash That Man Right Out Of Your Hair while having Some Enchanted Evening falling In Love With a Wonderful Guy on Bali H’ai?


Playing those songs on the piano is NOT the same thing as singing them across a crowded room. I almost wanted to crawl on top of the piano and…

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Limited Internet Zone. Unlimited Spontaneity.

Limited Internet Zone. Unlimited Spontaneity.

cindy and me

I feel like I’m back on the Natchez Trace. Except my feet aren’t bleeding. And I’m not about to kill Dad.

For the next week, I’m doing a marathon series of book appearances. Lowcountry South Carolina. Boston area Massachusetts. Eleven appearances in seven days.

And I got my period early. Yay me.

Last night, Cindy and Ed Duryea fed me frogmore stew and gave me a bed in their lovely Beaufort, South…

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When Nakedness Is Next To…….

When Nakedness Is Next To…….


When I discovered my latest problem, I was naked. I raked nearsighted eyes everywhere while water dribbled down the drain.

“How did this happen?” My voice echoed in claustrophobic space. I grabbed a towel and charged from the bathroom, dripping everywhere.

I found the primary offender.


“Did YOU do this?” I shouted and waved evidence inches from a face.

“What? That?”

“Yes. This.”


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Charming, South Carolina: A Charleston Chronicle

Kate Shrewsday writes the first installment of her Charleston visit. Enjoy.

Charming, South Carolina: A Charleston Chronicle

Kate Shrewsday writes the first installment of her Charleston visit. Enjoy.

The One Where We Took The British To The Beach

The One Where We Took The British To The Beach

kate and me

At least one English person learned to boogie board at Sullivan’s Island. That would be Felix, Kate and Phil Shrewsday’s son.

We sat in a sandstorm, at the mouth of Charleston Harbor, and we watched Felix and Cayleigh ride waves, while pelicans fished in the background. Morris Island Lighthouse rode the surf in the distance, the eroded site of the movie “Glory.”

The Atlantic was bathwater. Silty…

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